• Women’s Haircut: $60-85
• Men’s Haircut: $45-85


• Blowout: $40-80
• Updo: 70+
• Formal Styling: 70+
• Bridal Hair

Texture Services:

• Perms
• Keratin Express Blowout
• Keratin Complex Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment
• Brazilian Blowout

• All-Over Color: $75+
• Base Color/Tint: $55+
• Highlights: priced upon consultation
• Balayage: priced upon consultation​
• Lived-in Balayage: priced upon consultation
• Lowlights: $55+
• Color Correction: priced upon consolation
• Gloss/Toner: $25+

• L’Oréal Deep Conditioning Treatment
• K-18 Molecular Repair Treatment
• Malibu Treatment

Priced upon consultation

• Clip-in: Easy to put in and great for bridal specialties
• Sew-in: Low maintenance, adds volume and length.
• Tape: quick to apply- seamless & easy to maintain
• Beaded: Hair is hand-tied and secured with beads rather than glue or tape, making them the least damaging type of hair extension

• Makeup with Lashes
• Makeup without Lashes
• Bridal Makeup

• Basic Manicure: $30
• French Manicure: $35
• Shellac Gel Manicure: $50
• Pedicure: $60
• Polish Change for Nails: $20
• Polish Change for Toes: $30

• Facial Wax
• Eyebrow Wax
• Sideburn Wax
• Chin Wax
• Upper Lip Wax

At Gina Agosta The Salon, the level system refers to a hierarchical structure that categorizes hair stylists and colorists based on their skill level, experience, performance, and expertise. The level system helps clients understand the capabilities and pricing associated with each stylist. Level system details:

Apprentice stylists who are still gaining experience and honing their skills. They often assist senior stylists and may perform basic services under supervision.

Stylists at this level have completed their training and have gained some experience. They are proficient in basic haircuts, styling, and color services. They may still be building their clientele and typically offer their services at a lower price point.

Senior stylists have a higher level of experience and expertise. They are proficient in a wide range of hair services, including advanced cuts, color techniques, and styling. They have developed a loyal clientele and may have more specialized skills or certifications.

Master stylists are highly skilled and experienced professionals. They have extensive knowledge and expertise in various hair services, including precision cuts, advanced color techniques, and specialty treatments. They often have a substantial clientele and command higher pricing.

These are the top-level stylists in the salon. They are often responsible for training and mentoring junior stylists, participating in fashion shows or editorial work, and setting trends in the industry. They have a vast array of skills, including creative and avant-garde styling techniques.

It’s advisable to consult with our salon directly to understand the specific level system, the services offered at each level, and the corresponding pricing structure. This way, you can make an informed decision when choosing a stylist that best suits your needs.